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Epoxy garage sealer advantages for flooring contractors

INDUSTRIAL GRADE EPOXY Garage Sealers offers the same quality product that installation crews are using in the field everyday in an easy to use kit . The epoxy concrete coatings that we sell have been used in professional installations for over twenty years and have the industrial strength and durability that will stand the test of time . A well - applied concrete epoxy garage floor paint can resist almost all chemical spills and provide a surface that will enhance the appearance of your garage for years to come .

Concrete Epoxy Coating Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications !

Garage Sealers residential epoxy paint kit quality product that installation crews are using in the field everyday Garage Sealers Commercial concrete epoxy coating kits Concrete epoxy paint Before and After applying garage flooring

Garage Floors • Patios • Interior Floors • Aircraft Hangers • Warehouse Floors • Commercial Applications .

Garage Sealers Professional Epoxy Concrete Coating Systems Include .

EPOXY 1000 : Ideal for residential and commercial applications . Our Epoxy 1000 is extremely durable and easy to install . With a high solids content and a proven track record of success , this product will outperform most oil based epoxies . Ease of installation has always been of high priority to our customers and this is exactly what Epoxy 1000 offers . Product quality is derived from the technology behind it and our Epoxy 1000 delivers . As our top selling product , customers are always pleased with the results and the lasting performance .

EPOXY 4000 ( 100% Solids Epoxy ) : Ideal for commercial applications. As a high build coating , our Epoxy 4000 is used primarily in commercial applications where customers require additional mil thickness . Airplane hangers , warehouses and manufacturing facilities are examples of where these products are used regularly .

POLYURETHANE 1000 ( Solvent Based Polyurethane ) : Our Polyurethane 1000 provides customers with the highest level of chemical and scratch resistance . This product is used only as a top coat ( finish coat ) . Offered in both clear and pigmented finishes , there simply is not a better product on the market that will yield higher performance when it comes to durability and longevity . The majority of urethanes are sold into commercial applications however some of our residential customers choose this option as well .

We always highly recommend that our customers contact Garage Sealers to find out which system will best suit your particular application. So please do not hesitate to call us today Toll Free at 877-722-4002 . Or you can use our Free Epoxy Floor Coating Consultation Form at your convenience. We are looking forward to working with you on your flooring project!

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* * All products are available in the 10 standard solid colors . * *

Complete concrete sealer kits protection against chemical spills and provide a surface that will enhance the appearance Choose the Garage Sealers Kit and find out why this is the best overall epoxy floor covering product available in the industry today .

The Garage Sealers Advantage :
  • Product Quality .
  • Choices .
  • Ease of Installation .
  • Cost .
With Garage Sealers Do-It-Yourself Kits you get the experience and the industrial strength products necessary for you to achieve a beautiful finish that lasts .
Experience & Industrual Grade Products .

Enjoy the benefits of a beautifully finish when you apply our garage floor paint , without the additional expense of professional installation ...

To achieve a professional , good-looking, durable results , you need industrial grade products . Using a proven technology with over twenty years of field testing , Garage Sealers offers a product not available at your local retailer . These are true industrial grade products that professional contractors rely on every day .

Whether you want a solid colored floor , or a chip finish , we have an epoxy color or chip/epoxy color combination that is just right for you . With ten solid colors and eight chip sets to choose from , Garage Sealers offers the most solid color options in a do-it-yourself package in the industry today .


For even the inexperienced do - it - yourselfer , We make installations very easy . Our complete manual and instructional DVD video , included with every garage floor paint kit, will take you step by step through the entire process .

  • COST .

Industrial grade products , complete easy to understand instructions , and the most color choices in a do-it-yourself package – all at a price that is a fraction of the cost of a professional installation .

Finished garage flooring photos
For your convenience , each kit provides enough epoxy to cover a standard two car garage ( 500 sq . ft .) . For larger areas , simply purchase one of our Extender Packs . Each Extender Pack covers an additional 250 sq . ft . ( refer to the chart below to determine how many sq . ft . you have to cover ) .

If you decide doing it yourself is not for you – contact us to find a professional installer in your area , from our network of qualified contractors nationwide .

How to Calculate the Size of Your Concrete Garage Floor .

Concrete Sealer

Concrete measurements Get your measurements before purchasing your epoxy garage floor paint kits from us it is important that you order enough product before you start your do it yourself project. W1 x L1 = sq . ft . for A .

W2 x L2 = sq . ft . for B .

A + B = total garage sq . ft .

Standard Garage Floor Sizes .

1 Car Garage : 300 - 350 sq . ft . For a one car epoxy floor kit
2 Car Garage : 400 - 500 sq . ft . garage floor one car epoxy kittwo car garage floor sealer kit
3 Car Garage : 600 - 800 sq . ft . one car concrete kittwo car portthree car garage kit

INDUSTRY LEADING 10 Standard Solid Color Options
( Custom colors also available upon request ) .

pick the right garage floor basecoating colors

Click here to view our color options page .

12 GRANITEX COLOR CHIP Flooring Options .

pick the right garage floor color chips and flakes for your project

Click here to view our color options page .

Epoxy concrete floor paint coating kits industrial-grade products that will insure you obtain the top-quality results Garage Sealers offers : Professional Installation or a Do - It - Yourself Kit .

Both deliver the know - how and the industrial - grade products that will insure you obtain the top-quality results you are looking for .

Not sure whether to go with a Pro Installation or a Do - It - Yourself Kit ?

Need help selecting a Kit that' s right for you ? Unsure how to order a Kit ?

Whatever your question about our epoxy coating systems or concrete sealer, we are happy to help .

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Important Note - These are all commercial grade coatings , some are just more suitable for particular applications . The 100% solids are better for industrial locations such as auto shops , airplane hangers , and warehouses .

Garage Sealers sells the highest quality epoxy floor coating kits for both residential and commercial applications . These are the same quality resin systems and tools that the professionals use . Available in an industry leading 10 solid colors and eight chip sets , no one else can compare .

Commercial Applications : Airplane Hangers , workshops , automotive areas , and warehouse floors .

Residential Applications : Garages , Patios , Interior surfaces , Basements .

For a beautiful , durable , and easy to clean finish , Garage Sealers is the Professional Grade Epoxy Coating system to choose .

Call Customer Service any time at 877-722-4002 for how to garage floor coating paint epoxy tips for getting the best results when applying any epoxy flooring !

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